Tamás Fehér takes the Gold in the ITVA Photo Competition

A talented Hungarian colorist takes the top prize in the Wella Professionals International Trend Vision Award Photo Competition

Tamás Fehér from the hair’s[ku:l] salon spent months in preparing his entry, but it all paid off when he won the ITVA Photo Competition Color Talent Gold award. Here he shares his visionary observations with Estetica in an exclusive interview.

How are you inspired by the combination of Sassoon-basics and Wella color products to create such diverse and innovative looks?
I think everything depends on the foundation. It is impossible to create a conscious contemporary look without first mastering the basic cuts. Every cool look is just the combination of those, and Wella brings the cuts to life with professional colors. If we have such knowledge and tools at our disposal, the limits fade away.

Why is movement in the cut and color so important?
Movement is a core part of today’s fashion. Clarity appears with movement and they create a fine, low-key kind of harmony.

How did your entry reflect on current fashion trends? 
The latest trends are always present in my work. I talk a lot with my customers about the changes of fashion; I show them the newest Wella Trendvision pictures, so I can make their hairstyle up-to-date.

Eastern Europe is taking a lead in innovative looks in hairdressing. How influential are young people and street style in defining these trends?
I think this is a very interesting moment in time. On the streets, we see the effect fashion has on the masses. But in creating the current trend, stylists study what direction youth is heading, what they are looking for. The streets are again a perfect place for this.

How do you envision next year's trends in style and color?
I think variety is the key, both in forms and colors as well. I like it when a haircut has all kinds of noises and peculiarities, so I hope there will be a trend that will feature these.

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