Salon etiquette

Dear Guests! Although these points are clear to many of you, before you sign up, review our salon etiquette to continue working smoothly.

Making an appointment:
There are different options: by calling the reception or sending a mail to the following address / or by texting to the Facebook page of hairskul or blow. This case, please let us know the type of service you would like to have, which day, what time. In case you have any questions regarding to the service (what kind of dye or highlight) just ask for help from any of our colleagues. 

Cancelling or changing the time of your appointment: 
Please, inform us about your intention of cancel at least 24 hours before. In case of Monday appointments the cancel must be done until 3 pm on Saturday. 
If you fail to do the above mentioned and still not come to your appointment, it may be charged next time. 
Of course, there are extreme cases when we set this aside. 

Being late: 
In case of you are late, your hairdresser have the right to decide if the service can be still done without bothering the next appointment. This normally means a maximum of 15-20 minutes. 
We kindly suggest you arrive 5-10 minutes before. Sometimes parking can take a little time around both of our shops. 

If you happen to be ill, please stay at home until recovery in stake of your hairdresser, other guests and your own self. If you still come ill, the hairdresser has the chance to refuse the service and help find a new appointment for you. 

In case you have someone to escort you, please ask them to wait for you on the couch as the space in our shop is quite limited. 

With making an appointment this policy is automatically accepted, not reading it is not an excuse to break it. 

We really thank you to consider it and this way contribute to our smooth and high-quality work.

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