About Us

hair’s[ku:l]. Our shop was opened up with this quibble in 2008 and is located in Pozsonyi út, which is one of the most pleasant streets of Budapest. We aimed to develop a team of hairdressers that attains recognition of the profession, furthermore in line with the personality of our clients’ able to offer the latest fashions.
We consider the continuity of development, so we participate in national and international exhibitions and training courses. For creation we draw ideas from British form-design and current Schwarzkopf-trends. An important part of our philosophy is the importance of diversity. We’re constantly striving for renewal, as world fashion is doing so. 

Our hairdressers are actively involved in profession as trainings and presentations
are often held by them. They also take part in several photo shoots.

Hoglmayer Attila

Fehér Tamás

Sebestyén Hajnal

Mariami Szamharadze

Gál Klaudia

Szilágyi Kinga

Fehér Máté

Lukács Alex

Láng Boglárka

Madarász Viktor

Blanke Dávid

Czuppon Tamás

A wide range of professional products combined with solid background knowledge guarantees our customers’ contentment.
The team of hair’s[ku:l] welcomes anyone interested!


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